2. Uncharted

Scheduled release date: 11 February

Despite seeming for many years to be in development hell, the Uncharted film is finally set to release in February, with Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg in the lead roles.

Based on the Uncharted video game series of the same name, Uncharted will feature Holland as a young Nathan Drake and Wahlberg as Victor Sullivan. The film will follow the pair as they pursue “the greatest treasure never found”, and trailers also allude to the potential inclusion of Drake’s long-lost brother.

With reports of an Uncharted movie going as far back as 2008, and an apparent revolving door of directors and stars, it certainly seemed as though the film would never be made. However, trailers look promising for fans of the game and fans of action-adventure movies alike, and the combined star power of Holland and Wahlberg will hopefully be enough to make Uncharted worth the wait.

1. The Batman

Scheduled release date: 4 March

Numerous actors have already donned the cowl, and the DCEU already has Ben Affleck (and Michael Keaton, too, in the upcoming The Flash) – but 2022 will see Matt Reeves’ adaption of the Dark Knight hit the big screen.

With Robert Pattinson as Batman, Paul Dano as the Riddler, Colin Farrell as Penguin, and Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman, The Batman‘s impressive central cast has already lent the film an impressive pedigree. The film’s trailers promise a return to a darker, grittier, more gothic Gotham City, with action far more brutal than previous cinematic incarnations of the character.

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