4. Knox Overstreet

Josh Charles as Knox Overstreet in Dead Poets Society

One of Dead Poets Society‘s young students that falls under the wing of English teacher John Keating (Robin Williams) is Knox Overstreet. Though the name doesn’t seem entirely out of place at the prestigious school of Welton Academy, when observed objectively, Knox Overstreet is an entirely ridiculous name for a human being.

In fact, it sounds as though it was spat out by a random name generator for sci-fi characters. Knox Overstreet doesn’t sound entirely human, but like someone pretending to be in order to infiltrate our society.

In all honesty, either the name Knox or the name Overstreet is ridiculous enough alone, but the two combined are pretty laughable. The idea that Mr and Mrs Overstreet once looked at their newborn child and decided that he looked like a Knox is both inherently funny and secretly cruel.