3. Pollux & Castor Troy

Alessandro Nivola as Pollux Troy and Nicolas Cage as Castor Troy in Face/Off

In a twofer entry, it’s first worth saying that yes – Castor and Pollux are brothers from Greek and Roman mythology. Yes, the Face/Off characters were clearly named in reference to them. However, that doesn’t make their names any less ridiculous.

Somehow, the fact that they’re international terrorists (and one is played by Nic Cage in one of his most unhinged performances to date) makes the names even funnier. It’s not that the names themselves are inherently funny (although Pollux is a little), but more that their use in a film with such an already-bonkers plot just makes them stand out all the more.

Interestingly, Face/Off also contains an absolutely ridiculous action movie moment in which a characters lands a helicopter on the wing of a moving plane. It’s this level of insanity that helps make Castor and Pollux Troy seem like even more ridiculous names than they already were.