4. Mystique Can’t Hide Scars – X-Men

Fox’s X-Men movies aren’t exactly considered to be the pinnacle of the superhero genre, but they aren’t entirely without merit. In fact, many of Marvel’s mutants were actually done justice in the franchise, and that’s commendable. However, there is one very minor aspect of Mystique that makes no sense whatsoever.

Played by Rebecca Romijn in the initial trilogy of X-Men movies (she also later reprised the role in X-Men: First Class, for those keeping score), Mystique is a major player in the franchise. Her power is primarily that of a shape-shifter: she’s capable of altering her physical form to become an exact duplicate of other living beings. Mystique’s power even extends to voices, meaning that she’s an absolute master of disguise.

One moment in X2 needlessly calls this into question, though. When attempting to seduce Wolverine (disguised as Jean Grey), Mystique is identified by the scars left by her previous battle with Wolverine. If she’s capable of fully altering her physical form, why is it that she retains the scars? It’s a minor detail, but it’s one that effectively renders her ability to disguise herself pointless – one recognizable facial scar would be enough that she’d never convincingly assume anyone’s identity ever again. The reason for the scar being there isn’t explored, so it creates a tiny plot hole that makes no sense at all.