5. Luke Hobbs Joins The Gang – Fast & Furious

The Rock’s exit from the Fast and Furious franchise is pretty well-publicized, especially after Vin Diesel’s weird public plea for him to return was just as publicly rejected. However, his entrance into the franchise in Fast Five was a huge deal, particularly as he played a major antagonist. An agent of the Diplomatic Security Service, Hobbs is tasked with bringing in fugitives Dominic Toretto and Brian O’Conner.

However, after brief encounters with the criminals, Hobbs has an inexplicable change of heart, and decides to team up in order to pull off one of the most ambitious and unlikely heists of all time. This much is understandable (within the context of the Fast and Furious movies, at least), but after making such a drastic decision, Hobbs then returns to work as though nothing happened. Y’know, his work as one of the world’s leading law enforcers.

That Hobbs could so suddenly drop all of morals in order to help the criminals he was supposed to capture is almost impossible to justify. However, his return to work with no repercussions for enabling one of the biggest heists of all time is absolutely ridiculous. Even for a franchise as outlandish as Fast and Furious, Luke Hobbs’ actions (and lack of any consequence for them) makes no sense at all.