5. John Krasinski – A Quiet Place (2018)

John Krasinski in A Quiet Place

As John Krasinski’s most notable on-screen role remains that of Jim Halpert on The Office, it’s easy to think of him as a comedically-gifted sitcom star. His memorable tenure on the beloved show meant that the character of Jim became hopelessly tangled with Krasinski’s own rise to prominence. The actor’s lackadaisical charm translated beautifully to the character, making it somewhat difficult for many to separate the man from the role.

Krasinski’s directorial debut was announced as a horror film that he would also star in alongside his wife, Emily Blunt. This was so far removed from Krasinski’s role on The Office that it was almost impossible to imagine: the sitcom star leading a high-concept sci-fi horror movie sounded like a recipe for disaster. A Quiet Place could not have been more different from The Office, and Krasinski’s reputation didn’t offer any insight into how he’d handle such a huge transition.

As it turned out, Krasinski was exactly the man for the job. A Quiet Place was brilliantly directed and acted by Krasinski, with the actor providing a significant part of the film’s emotional core. A powerful performance as a grieving father tasked with protecting his wife and surviving children was enough to prove that Krasinski was far more than a comedic actor, and the film became a resounding success (as did Krasinski’s directing career).