2. Mark Wahlberg – Ted (2012)

Mark Wahlberg in Ted

Though it’s not often discussed now, Mark Wahlberg’s early career consisted predominantly of the sort of bad boy antics that saw him repeatedly falling foul of the law. Despite being a reasonable success in the music industry, Wahlberg sought Hollywood fame, and turned his hand to acting. Luckily, it came naturally to Wahlberg, and his roles in films such as The Departed and Boogie Nights earned him critical acclaim.

During the first stage of his career, all of Wahlberg’s best roles were primarily dramatic. His penchant for dramas and tough-guy roles helped Mark Wahlberg to build himself a successful career, and though no-one doubted his talent for acting, it didn’t seem that he had much talent in the comedic department. Therefore, his casting as the lead in Seth MacFarlane comedy Ted seemed a strange choice.

As it turned out, Wahlberg was a natural when it came to comedy. His ability to consistently deliver laughs has contributed to his reputation as one of Hollywood’s most reliable comedy actors, in turn leading to something of a career renaissance for Wahlberg. It now seems that the majority of his movie roles are comedic, although once upon a time, that seemed a very unlikely development.