3. Robert Pattinson – The Batman (2022)

Robert Pattinson as The Batman

Perhaps the most recent example of this bizarre casting phenomenon, Robert Pattinson being cast as Batman was met with vehement disapproval from a large contingent of Bat-fans. Previously, Pattinson’s most high-profile roles were in romantic dramas and the Twilight movies, causing many to wonder exactly what the actor could bring to the role. There were concerns that he lacked the physicality and intensity needed to bring a character like Batman to life, making his casting seem an odd choice.

However, The Batman‘s release changed everything. Not only was the film a critical and commercial success, but Pattinson’s Batman proved to be an interesting and original take on the character. Those who had been skeptical about Pattinson in the role had their doubts disproved by the film, which offered a grounded and gritty gothic take on the familiar story.

Robert Pattinson offered a near-perfect take on Batman that made The Batman truly fascinating. Between his successful portrayal and teases regarding a sequel, his Batman immediately became one of the most popular iterations of the character. Though part of this success was due to good writing, it’s clear that Pattinson was a perfect fit for The Batman – despite initially seeming to be a strange choice for the role.