GOOD: The Lost City

Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum in The Lost City

Released: 15 April 2022

Probably best to start this particular entry by establishing that The Lost City is far from the greatest movie ever made. In all honesty, it’s not even anywhere near the best movie of 2022. However, it was a very welcome surprise, because it was far better than anyone would ever have suspected.

Though The Lost City may not have reinvented the wheel for either action-adventure movies or romantic comedies, it does manage to deliver a decidedly capable blend of the two genres. This alone is something that’s entirely commendable, but it didn’t stop there: it boasted sound chemistry from its all-star cast and an engaging (if somewhat predictable) story that was pure effortless fun. In short, there’s very little not to enjoy about The Lost City, even if it isn’t entirely original in its general premise.

For many film fans, it’s all too easy to dismiss the latest rom-com as derivative and formulaic nonsense, but The Lost City genuinely stands out as an example of why the genre remains so appealing to so many. With an excellent cast employing their comedic talents to brilliant effect, it’s a film that highlights the potential of an often-overlooked cinematic niche. Regardless of its overall box office or critical consensus, The Lost City was undoubtedly among 2022’s best surprises.