7. Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery (1997)

Best comedies of the '90s - Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

Where comedy is concerned, the spoof is all too often forgotten. However, the ’90s saw the birth of one of the best spoof comedies ever made, starring an unexpectedly iconic character. That character’s name? It’s Austin Powers, baby.

Satirizing the spy and action genres, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery marked the start of a franchise. However, the first film remains the most critically acclaimed, proving that the ’90s really just did comedy better. Starring Mike Myers in a dual role as both the titular spy and his nemesis Dr. Evil, Austin Powers also stars Seth Green, Elizabeth Hurley, and Robert Wagner.

Despite its occasionally crude and low-brow humor, Austin Powers: IMoM has aged remarkably well. There’s a timeless quality to its heavy lampooning that still holds up by today’s standards, and Mike Myers makes for an appropriately ridiculous hero. Put simply, it’s just groovy, baby.