6. Wayne’s World (1992)

Best comedies of the '90s - Dana Carvey and Mike Myers in Wayne's World

Wow, the ’90s really were kind to Mike Myers, weren’t they? As well as achieving massive success with Austin Powers, Myers also found himself starring in one of the most beloved cult comedies ever made. 1992 saw the release of Wayne’s World, the feature-length film starring Myers’ character from the Saturday Night Live skit of the same name.

Myers stars as Wayne alongside Dana Carvey as his sidekick and best friend Garth. The pair serve as the hosts of a popular late-night local access TV show that’s bought out by a big corporation. Thrust suddenly into the lap of luxury and coming dangerously close to something resembling success, Wayne and Garth find themselves challenged by their lack of ambition.

What makes Wayne’s World one of the best comedies of the ’90s is that it’s deceptively deep. It’s not just a wacky comedy about two goofballs, but an examination of youth culture of the ’90s and the pitfalls of the ever-changing entertainment industry. It’s also delightfully absurd in places, making for a truly unique experience.