4. Truck Vs. Jet – Live Free or Die Hard

1988’s Die Hard is an action classic, and it’s mostly a tense, semi-realistic tale of one man’s attempt to foil a terrorist plot. Its sequels, however, got gradually less believable, and by the time we reached the franchise’s fourth installment, all semblance of realism had gone out of the window.

Live Free or Die Hard follows John McClane as he once again goes up against terrorists, this time of the cyber variety.

The movie’s infamous climax includes bad guy Thomas Gabriel taking control (remotely, of course – he’s a cyber-terrorist, after all) of an F-35 Lightning Jet, ordering the pilot to attack the truck that McClane is driving.

In a moment of quick… – well, maybe ‘thinking’ is a bit of a stretch, so let’s say – decision, McClane manages to get some height. Without being able to see, he drives the semi-destroyed truck for long enough over the crumbling freeway to lure the pilot in, where the jet is damaged by falling debris. McClane leaps onto the jet, and then slides to safety as the jet explodes behind him.

It’s also worth noting that there’s an equally insane earlier scene in which McClane takes out a helicopter mid-flight with a car.