3. Aerial Landing – Face/Off

We’ve all been there: chasing the terrorist who murdered our son for six years before finally catching up to him at an airport, only to have him attempt to make his getaway by plane. Thankfully, in Sean Archer’s case, there was a helicopter on hand. So, doing what any sane human being would do, he hopped into the cockpit, flew that sucker towards the moving plane, and landed it on the wing, stopping his nemesis from taking off.

Wait, you mean we haven’t all been there? And that particular scenario is just the ridiculous opening action sequence for John Woo’s 1997 action masterpiece Face/Off?

Well, ridiculousness aside, Face/Off is a great movie. Its insanity actually made it far more entertaining, so this one falls firmly on the right side of ridiculous. But, boy howdy, was it ridiculous.