5. One Man Army – Commando

If ever a man was born to be an action hero, it’s Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Looks aside, it’s still ludicrous to expect anyone to believe Commando‘s island scene, in which Arnie racks up 74 kills without taking so much as a scratch.

Running from place to place with precisely zero fear, Arnie occasionally stops to spray some bullets before pressing on to save his daughter. The militia trying to stop him are woefully inept, as they can’t seem to hit him even when he’s standing still, and they all get brutally murdered for their trouble.

Arnie needs no cover, nor does he need to take any time to aim. Firing from the hip while standing in plain view of his enemies, John Matrix is without a doubt, the stupidest, luckiest man in all of cinema.

Commando is peak action nonsense, and while it’s a classic of the genre, that doesn’t make it any less ridiculous.