6. Burying The Child (Again) – Pet Sematary

Digging a grave in Pet Sematary 2019

This bad decision is much more understandable, but even so, it’s pretty stupid. After the sudden and tragic loss of one of his children (which one varies in different movie adaptations), Louis Creed of Pet Sematary decides that he’s going to exhume the body of said child, carry them through the woods to the creepy magical burial ground that brings loved ones back to life. The only problem is, that they don’t quite come back right.

Louis knew that this was a bad decision, but his grief pushed him to make it anyway. However, not only had Louis been warned at length by his uncomfortably intense neighbor, but he’d already done it once with the family cat, who came back reeking of death and with a particularly vicious streak that he’d never possessed before. Even while living with the foul-smelling zombie cat, Louis decided that having his child back in any form was the best thing to do.

Except, predictably, the choice backfires. Not only does the child’s body reanimate, but it does so with deadly consequences for multiple people, including the poor old neighbor who frantically warned Louis against doing exactly that. This decision was perhaps understandable on many levels, but even so, it’s particularly dumb thanks to the warnings, the prior experience, and the violent consequences that immediately ensue.