3. Makeshift Foot Amputation – Saw

Cary Elwes in Saw holding a saw

One of the most widely discussed plot holes in one of the most successful modern horror franchises also settles under the umbrella of stupid movie decisions. Let’s set the scene: you wake up after being drugged and abducted, and you look around you to discover that you’re in a filthy windowless bathroom chained to a pipe. Just out of reach, there’s a phone, and all you have is a hacksaw, the clothes on your back, and one free hand.

The answer is obvious, isn’t it? You’re clearly supposed to cut your foot off. There’s no other way to recover the phone and escape. No other way whatsoever.

Except, there is. There are actually many, MANY other ways to get hold of the phone. Like maybe using the hacksaw to drag it closer before engaging in an act of self-mutilation. If the hacksaw didn’t reach, taking off your shirt and using that (or a combination of the two) would probably have done it. The fact that these simple solutions weren’t even considered means that Cary Elwes’ Lawrence Gordon should feel very, very stupid every time he thinks of his amputated foot, because if he’d been a little less dumb, he’d probably still have it at the end of his leg.