3. The Mummy (1999) – Imhotep’s Eyesight

Arnold Vosloo as Imhotep in The Mummy 1999

1999’s The Mummy is a cinematic masterpiece. It’s got it all: action, adventure, history, a cast of incredibly beautiful human beings, and a monstrous villain. It also just happens to have a pretty annoying little plot hole.

After he’s set free, it’s established that Imhotep can regenerate himself using parts of living humans. He does so on multiple occasions, but the most notable is when he corners Burns and takes his eyes. The only problem is that Burns’ eyesight is abysmal, and he’s practically blind without his glasses. This does have a minor effect on Imhotep, as it’s revealed that his eyesight is poor as a result of using Burns’ eyes, but the lack of consistency creates a weird and irritating plot hole.

Other than the scene in which Imhotep’s poor eyesight is established, there’s no other indicators that he’s suffering from an inability to see. He’s not shown squinting at Rick O’Connell, he has no difficulty aiming spears or swords or locusts or whatever else he uses to attack people – basically, his eyes seem fine most of the time. Of course, he’d look far less menacing if he was wearing a pair of bifocals, but it’s still a plot hole and it’s still annoying once noticed.