6. Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt as Evelyn Abbott in A Quiet Place

Emily Blunt may be a major star, but that doesn’t mean that she isn’t still underrated. With her career really taking off over the past decade or so, Blunt perhaps enjoys more success now than ever before. However, she’s still overlooked by many, and hardly enjoys the recognition she deserves.

Her role in A Quiet Place and its sequel served as a very specific type of challenge, proving that she doesn’t need to speak to convincingly bring a character to life with a sense of genuine depth. Edge of Tomorrow proved that Blunt has serious action hero chops, keeping up with Tom Cruise in Doug Liman’s well-received high-concept sci-fi action film. Into the Woods, Jungle Cruise, and Mary Poppins Returns all showcased her ability to handle musicals, fantasy, and family-friendly fare by turns.

As Emily Blunt has offered irrefutable proof that she’s capable of tackling essentially every genre (and even most subgenres) out there, she definitely deserves a little more recognition. Her ability to conjure chemistry with essentially every co-star she appears alongside is incredibly undervalued, and she’s also one of the few British actors who can carry off a flawless American accent. Not only is Emily Blunt deserving of all her career success, but she actually deserves to be praised to a far greater extent.