5. Sean Bean

Sean Bean as Alec Trevelyan in Goldeneye (1995)

Sean Bean is one of those actors who always does the same weird thing. The notion that Sean Bean’s characters are always doomed to die has become one of the film industry’s most overplayed jokes, with Bean himself even stating that he will no longer accept roles that require him to die. His on-screen deaths are so notorious that it’s essentially all anyone can think of when thinking of Sean Bean’s career, and that significantly overshadows his talent as an actor.

First, let’s consider the fact that Sean Bean has had roles in several major franchises. James Bond, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings: Sean Bean has played a major part in each of them. He’s also appeared in Patriot Games, Ronin, Equilibrium, National Treasure, and The Martian, spanning numerous genres over his long and impressive career.

Perhaps even more importantly, think of the range Bean has demonstrated in those roles. He plays an excellent villain, but he can also make for a charismatic hero. He can be terrifying, heartening, complex, and lovable – sometimes all within a single role. Sean Bean may be best known for his many on-screen deaths, but his staggering range and undeniable talent really deserves to define him far more than how many times he’s pretended to kick the bucket.