4. Jack Black

Jack Black as Miles in The Holiday

Jack Black is a funny guy, right? Talented singer and musician, brings a lot of physical comedy to the table in his movies, correct? Well, yes, but he’s also capable of being and doing so much more.

Of course, his most memorable roles – School of Rock, Gulliver’s Travels (debatable), Nacho Libre, and the Jumanji sequels – primarily make use of his comedic talents, and therefore, that’s what most people think of when considering his career. It’s an undeniable fact that Jack Black has always tended to skew toward the comedic, and that makes sense. After all, he’s great at it, and it’s what people expect from him. But that isn’t to say that comedy is all he’s good for.

To see Jack Black’s wider acting talent, consider films like The Holiday, Enemy of the State, King Kong, and Bernie. It’s even worth watching his funnier roles with an eye toward emotion – his comedic magnetism masks almost all of his other strengths, but he’s relentlessly charismatic and competently emotive. He’s another actor who has achieved huge success without ever really being acknowledged for how talented he really is. Dismiss him as a larger-than-life comedic talent at your own risk, because Jack Black is a deceptively brilliant actor.