Actors are people, just like us. That is to say, they’re guilty of the same things that we all are: some of them bite their nails, some can’t help using foul language, and some of them have really weird fixations on specific things.

These things bleed through into their movies from time to time (or all the time, in some cases). Whether it’s a very particular sort of typecasting, a physical habit, a vocal tic or even just one weird act that they can’t leave alone, there’s a wealth of weird things that actors do far too often.

Sometimes it appears to be done entirely unconsciously, and others have become trademarks. Whatever the story, though, the simple fact is that these actors simply can’t stop doing the same weird things.

8. Michelle Rodriguez – Being a Tough, Dead Chick

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Michelle Rodriguez’s place on this list comes by merit of extensive typecasting. You might know her as one of any number of her biggest roles in recent years, and to be perfectly honest, they’re all pretty much interchangeable.

She’s always that one tough chick that hangs with the guys, usually blasting away bad guys (or good guys, depending on the movie), and she almost always dies (even if she has been resurrected by a certain franchise).

As nice as it would be to see Rodriguez given a chance in a different role, her decades of on-screen experience as a tough girl would make seeing her as anything else too strange for audiences. Sorry, Michelle, looks like you’re doomed to remain a hard-mouthed supporting character in action movies from now until the end of time.