6. Jeff Goldblum – Um, Uh

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Jeff Goldblum’s inability to, um, get through a sentence without, uh, adding in one of his, um, trademarks is legendary, and it’s something that’s been incorporated into every character he’s ever played.

This vocal stumbling is actually known as speech disfluency, and there’s a lot of theories as to the exact reason behind its use. While these utterances might have long been synonymous with Goldblum’s acting style, they certainly haven’t hurt his career at all, which is exactly the way it should be.

Goldblum himself has actually explained that his extensive use of “Goldblumisms” stems from early in his career with his experience on 1978’s Invasion of the Body Snatchers. While delivering a line, Goldblum injected some of his signature stumbling, and director Phil Kaufman loved it. From then on, Goldblum hasn’t shied away from stammering out his lines – something which has always set him apart from his contemporaries.

Now, everyone that quotes any of his iconic lines must attempt to perfect the art of the Goldblumism before trying it. And that is apparently how you turn a somewhat unfortunate vocal habit to your advantage.