3. Harrison Ford – Angry Pointing/Searching For His Wife And/Or Family

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Again, this one is pretty well-known, but its both weirdly specific and truly hilarious.

Harrison Ford, star of several massively successful franchises, has not one, but two things that he just can’t stop doing.

The first is the rude and abrasive pointing and wagging of his index finger as a means of punctuation. Whenever Ford is angry, grumpy, or otherwise upset, he begins pointing and wagging his finger at his co-stars as though he’s telling off an unruly puppy.

The other was pointed out years ago in an episode of Family Guy, but it’s strangely accurate: he loses his wife and/or family so frequently that it’s actually quite concerning.

If you happen to catch an action, crime or thriller movie starring Ford, odds are his missing wife or children are a major plot point. It’s also a safe bet that he’s planning to get them back by giving the bad guys a good fingering. (Yes, it’s a childish joke, but I can’t bring myself to remove it.)