1. John Cusack – Standing In The Rain

John Cusack Telephone Booth GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

This is by far the most nonsensical entry on this list. It’s actually fairly easy to explain where it started, but its continued existence is both baffling and deeply, deeply hilarious.

Cast your mind back to some of Cusack’s most iconic roles: The Sure Thing, Say Anything, High Fidelity – and you might notice that Cusack is braving the elements in all of them.

Cusack made his name by making girls everywhere swoon with his forlorn looks and his ability to romantically ignore torrential precipitation, and it seems that he simply wasn’t ready to give up on that image, so he did what any of us would do: he made a point of standing around in the rain in practically every movie since.

Perhaps the best and strangest part of this trademark is that there is more than one occasion where Cusack has made a call from a phone booth from OUTSIDE the booth, just to get some of that sweet, sweet skywater. Seriously, John, please just buy an umbrella before you catch pneumonia.

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