4. George Clooney – Head Wobble

George Clooney Reaction GIF by American Film Institute - Find & Share on GIPHY

For many years, George Clooney has been widely considered one of (if not the) most attractive men on Earth. This isn’t for naught, either: he really is every bit as handsome – and charming – as you’d expect him to be.

With that said, Clooney’s perfectly formed features aren’t entirely sound, structurally speaking: his head wobbles with alarming frequency.

Go back and watch any of Clooney’s films, and you’ll notice that when he talks (and even sometimes when he doesn’t), his head wobbles. Whether it’s done as a sort of physical punctuation or he has some difficulty keeping himself still isn’t clear, but all that wobbling must surely have strengthened Clooney’s neck beyond belief.

Most of the time, it’s fairly subtle, but once you’ve started watching for it you’ll see the actor do it almost constantly. It starts to become distracting, but it doesn’t ever detract from Clooney’s acting talent. Plus, in spite the fact that his head is never still, Clooney has built a brand based on his ridiculously handsome face, which if anything, makes his success all the more impressive.