5. Tom Cruise – Running

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One of the most well-documented and bizarre actor trademarks, Tom Cruise is renowned for his propensity to sprint on-screen, and he even pokes fun at it himself in his Twitter bio, which proudly reads “Running in movies since 1981.”

Considering Cruise has made a name for himself as something of an action star, running admittedly comes with the territory. But outside of action, the running becomes more conspicuous, and therefore, funny.

There’s the sprinting in Minority Report, the hallway run in Jerry Maguire, and a run across the stage in Rock of Ages, but by far the best has to be in Vanilla Sky, where Cruise sprints through a deserted Times Square with no context whatsoever.

There’s also whispers that Cruise bans his co-stars from running alongside him, and it’s been suggested that this is out of fear that they might show him up. While that might not be true, it’s pretty funny – almost as funny as all the weird, unexplained, directionless running.