4. Se7en 2: Ei8ht

Morgan Freeman as Detective Somerset and Brad Pitt as Detective Mills in Se7en

David Fincher’s Se7en is one of the greatest thrillers ever made. It’s a film with genuine depth and an undeniable atmosphere of dank creepiness. Its success and lasting popularity reflect its quality, but that also apparently invites occasional Hollywood interest in an unnecessary sequel.

As Se7en‘s story is a very self-contained narrative with a definitive end, a follow-up makes very little sense. Still, Hollywood once tried to repurpose an unrelated script into a sequel. Titled… Ei8ht (groan), the “sequel” reportedly would have followed a psychic detective on the hunt for a psychic killer.

How exactly this would link into Se7en‘s chilling manhunt is anyone’s guess, but the idea of making a sequel at all is a terrible one. Revisiting Se7en‘s unnamed city (that may or may not be purgatory) would only serve to undermine the power of the original movie, as the mystery of its nature is part of the film’s charm. Throwing psychics into the mix would muddy the waters further with terrible ideas, so thankfully, Ei8ht was tossed out (where it hopefully stays).