2. Con Air 2: In Space

Nicolas Cage in Con Air

Despite believing Nicolas Cage to be one of Hollywood’s most underrated actors, we can all agree that Con Air is hardly a masterpiece. It’s a solidly entertaining action movie with some decent performances, but it doesn’t tell a story that we feel any real compulsion to revisit. Hollywood disagreed, and Con Air 2 was once thought to be an excellent idea. (According to some reports, it still is, but we’re hoping not.)

The sequel would have taken the original’s premise and doubled down: instead of being in a plane, this time the convicts would be on a spacecraft. Taking a pretty standard action movie and inexplicably adding sci-fi is perhaps one of the most ridiculous things we’ve ever heard, and it’s made so much worse by the knowledge that Nic Cage would almost certainly agree to do it just for a good laugh. Still, Con Air 2: In Space hasn’t yet happened, so we won’t get too upset about it.

Every few years, the idea gets brought up again, and it’s worryingly persistent. The general idea for the story on its own isn’t terrible, but it would work better as a sci-fi reimagining rather than an actual sequel. We’re sort of hoping that this one doesn’t get made, but the resulting car crash of a movie might actually be something of a spectacle, so who knows?