1. Shaun of the Dead

As well as being one of the best horror movies of the ’00s and a near-perfect example of how to write horror-comedy, Shaun of the Dead contains a staggering amount of subtle foreshadowing. It tells the story of Shaun and Ed, two slackers who find themselves fighting to survive a zombie apocalypse. It also repeatedly gives away its own key plot points in such a subtle manner that it’s practically impossible to catch without prior knowledge.

The biggest and best example of this comes when Ed’s plans for the night actually describe the film’s entire story. Every detail is accounted for, which truly is a testament to the brilliantly-written script. Because it all plays out so organically, it’s remarkably easy to miss. However, that’s not all the foreshadowing that Shaun of the Dead does.

There’s a symmetry between events that happen before and after the zombie apocalypse that also serve as comedically-driven foreshadowing (Shaun’s trip to the shop, playing PlayStation with Ed). There are throwaway lines that do the same (“When I see him next, he’s dead.”) In essence, practically every aspect of the film is foreshadowed in one way or another. It’s a huge part of what makes Shaun of the Dead, and it’s some of the best foreshadowing of all time.

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