3. Final Destination

Foreshadowing and Final Destination are truly a match made in heaven. As the whole franchise is built around the idea of people having detailed premonitions about their own deaths, it’s safe to say that the films do more than a little hinting as to what’s yet to come. However, it’s the very first Final Destination movie that does the franchise’s best foreshadowing.

Throughout Alex’s premonition, there are hints as to how characters later die. However, when the survivors realize the premonition is coming true, multiple deaths are hinted at in quick succession. Terry is shown standing beside a large picture of a bus, and is later killed when hit by a bus. As Billy watches the plane fly away, lights glare across his face in the same spot that is later slashed by flying metal. Plane? Flying Metal? You get it.

Though practically every Final Destination franchise death is foreshadowed in one way or another, the first film does it best. Maybe it’s just because the gimmick still felt fresh and original, or maybe it’s because everything felt a little less extreme. Either way, the visual clues to how characters will die make Final Destination one of the most rewatchable movies ever made.