Some movie taglines really are the worst. Even in one of the world’s the biggest entertainment industries, finding an audience isn’t always easy. Sometimes, getting people to want to see a movie is a matter of making it seem as exciting as possible.

Of course, this is where movie taglines come in. A film’s poster or trailer might add in a catchy little slogan to sell the movie to audiences, building a little anticipation for the viewing experience to come. Unfortunately, some of these taglines are just a little… bad.

There’s the unintentionally hilarious and the utterly nonsensical. There are some that try too hard, and there are plenty that don’t try anywhere near hard enough. Whichever category they may fall into, here are 8 of the worst movie taglines of all time.

8. The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

Christian Bale as Batman in The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

Tagline: A Fire Will Rise/”Let the Games Begin”

It’s typical for films to have numerous taglines, usually used for different posters or in different locations. However, this means that The Dark Knight Rises has more than one bad marketing slogan. Despite featuring one of the best Batman movie actors, The Dark Knight Rises had more than one ridiculously awful tagline.

Let the Games Begin” is pretty bad, but it’s probably the less laughable of the two. It doesn’t really have any bearing on the film or its story whatsoever, as no “games” are played (or, indeed, begin) in the film. The use of the word “begin” is also particularly strange for the final film of a trilogy.

A Fire Will Rise” is a little less strange, but it’s far worse. Having seen The Dark Knight Rises, we can confirm that fire is not even remotely relevant to the film itself. The use of the word “rise” is perhaps a reference to the film’s title, but it seems to imply that Batman might be on fire at some point. He isn’t, making it nothing more than a really terrible tagline.