5. Shootout – Heat (1995)

Before getting into this entry, I’d like to clarify: no one is saying that Heat isn’t one of the best loved crime/action movies ever made.

Although, while the movie itself is undoubtedly a classic, it does feature a massive middle-of-the-street shootout. Sure, it’s awesome, but it’d never happen that way in real life.

After robbing a bank Neil McCauley (Robert De Niro) and his gang find themselves surrounded by the LAPD, led by Lt. Hanna (Al Pacino). But somehow, despite a tip off about the robbery and wave after wave of seemingly every officer in Los Angeles, McAuley’s gang is still able to escape relatively unscathed.

While this might not be ridiculous in terms of its general concept, the idea that highly trained police officers would be unable to capture or wound a gang of criminals despite having them completely surrounded is pretty laughable. Maybe those officers should spend a little more time at the gun range – those that survived, anyway.