1. Snake Surfs A Tsunami – Escape From L.A. (1996)

Despite having achieved cult status, Escape from L.A. is an absolute fever dream of a movie that must be seen to be believed. While the premise of the film alone is ridiculous enough, this particular scene’s entry was an absolute necessity.

Context can’t really be offered, because the film’s plot is both convoluted and nonsensical, and attempting to explain even a small portion of it would be to voluntarily descend into madness.

Instead, just know this: Kurt Russell’s Snake Plissken is taught by a man named Pipeline (Peter Fonda) to surf tsunamis. You know, colossal waves of sheer oblivion the rise from the sea and lay waste to entire towns in a matter of minutes? Snake learns to SURF THEM. Plissken then uses his newfound skill in order to escape the forces of tyrannical terrorist Cuervo Jones.

I really, REALLY wish I was making this up.

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