3. Bus Lift – Swordfish (2001)

Have you ever found yourself on a bus with all of your criminal associates, being chased by a horde of FBI agents? Well, Gabriel Shear has.

After a fairly convoluted cyber-heist, Gabriel (John Travolta) is attempting to escape with his accomplices in a bus, which is being pursued by an army of federal agents, but luckily, he has an ace up his sleeve: a helicopter.

After quickly attaching the bus to the overhead helicopter, the whole vehicle is lifted into the sky – something which surely must be physically impossible – in a move that’s as stupid as it is baffling.

But it gets better. After taking flight, the helicopter crashes the bus through an office building (a corner office with those super-handy glass walls), before dropping it casually on the roof. A fitting end to one of the most pointless “escape” scenes ever conceived.