2. Rambo Vs. Russian Army – Rambo III (1988)

After saving his friend Colonel Sam Trautman from the Soviet Army at their base in Afghanistan, the legendary John Rambo approaches the Pakistani border with his liberated friend, only to find themselves suddenly surrounded by Soviet forces.

Armed with only a single weapon each, the two men weigh their options, although as Mr. Rambo eloquently puts it: “Surrounding them’s out.”

Although the odds are stacked mightily against them, Rambo decides to fight back, miraculously avoiding the onslaught of the amassed forces, holding them off long enough for Mujahideen rebels to come to their rescue.

This is another entry that beggars belief, as Rambo and Trautman seem to positively repel all bullets fired in their direction, as well as casually firing off rounds that kill dozens of enemy soldiers all while barely taking aim.