6. Invisible Car – Die Another Day (2002)

(Skip to 5:55 to see Bond’s car become – ridiculously – completely invisible)

As a rule, James Bond movies have never been the most plausible, but there’s usually at least a hint of realism to proceedings.

Unfortunately, the world-famous super spy’s endless array of gadgets are usually the franchise’s biggest offender in terms of ridiculous concepts, and 2002’s Die Another Day was by far one of the worst offenders.

007’s first outing of the 21st century heavily featured Bond’s new Aston Martin Vanquish, customised with – among other things – a cloaking device.

During the inevitable chase scene (this one taking place over glaciers and through ice caves), Bond is able to use the car’s “adaptive camouflage” to trick his pursuer into crashing through an ice sheet.

If you’re interested in seeing this groundbreaking technology in action, skip to the 5:55 mark in the attached video – it’s far funnier without several minutes of generic car chase beforehand.

Also, if the car’s camouflage capabilities were that good, surely Bond could have used them to avoid the chase entirely? Apparently not.