1. Flipper Purify

Wesley Snipes as Flipper Purify in Jungle Fever

Sometimes, it’s clear that certain creative choices obviously made sense at the time, but have simply aged poorly. Others, however, stand out as bizarre in every imaginable way. Flipper Purify falls entirely within the latter section.

The protagonist of Jungle Fever played by Wesley Snipes, Flipper Purify is a successful Harlem architect. The idea that a professional in a career as stuffy as architecture could get by with a name so outlandishly flamboyant is laughable alone, but when you consider that Flipper Purify is taken relatively serious in spite of his name? Utter nonsense.

With a name like Flipper Purify, he should probably be a street performer or a dolphin – or a street-performing dolphin. There’s just no way that a man named Flipper Purify was even taken seriously in the world of New York architecture, and put simply, that’s the main reason that the name is so ridiculous. Well, that, and the fact that neither of those words are actual names that any sane human being would name their child.

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