6. Hannibal King

Ryan Reynolds as Hannibal King in Blade Trinity

Hannibal King is a name that sounds like it belongs to one of two people. Either that person is a stand-up comic who changed their name from something like Paul Softwood, or they’re a vampire hunter who lives a life so ridiculous that the name is the least of their worries. Played by Ryan Reynolds in Blade: Trinity, this entry is the latter.

Again, both names aren’t necessarily unreasonable independently, but the combination of the two is not just unlikely, it’s laughable. What’s more, the characters of Blade: Trinity actually say the name as though it’s a title, which makes it seem as though Ryan Reynolds is the king of all Hannibals. However, Blade: Trinity is a pretty serious film that sees the titular vampire hunter go up against literal Dracula, so maybe the name Hannibal King sort of suits the character, right?

Wrong. Hannibal King is much like all of Ryan Reynolds’ characters – fast-talking, quick-witted, hilariously sarcastic, and takes practically nothing seriously. The idea that Reynolds simply plays variations of himself is well-established now, and it’s something that makes the name of Hannibal King feel all the more ridiculous upon rewatching Blade: Trinity.