2. Kaulder

Vin Diesel as Kaulder in The Last Witch Hunter

It’s well-documented fact that Vin Diesel is insane. Not just in the manner of a movie star whose fame has gone to his bald head, but borderline certifiable. Whether he’s launching into rants on his Instagram about destiny (in relation to his street-racing heist movie franchise, no less) or actually apparently believing himself to be the embodiment of intergalactic badass killer Riddick, Vin Diesel does some weird things.

However, basing an entire film around his own Dungeons and Dragons character is pretty wild, even by Vin Diesel’s standards. That’s exactly the case with The Last Witch Hunter, though – in which Diesel stars as Kaulder, the last in a line of… well, witch hunters. Kaulder is cursed with immortality (by a witch, no less), and he uses the burden of eternal life to… hunt witches. (It’s actually better than it sounds, honest.)

Though Kaulder isn’t too ridiculous a name in and of itself, it’s the implications that make it funny. Firstly, in-canon, this big bald man who doesn’t age runs around killing witches using a mononym as his name, and somehow continues to live undetected? Ridiculous. In addition, the very notion of basing an entire film around the character you play Dungeons and Dragons with is perhaps the most Vin Diesel thing in existence, and that makes it ridiculous by default.