6. Hellboy (2019)

On paper, it makes perfect sense for a Hellboy movie to tease a sequel. With a wealth of source material and acting as a reboot of the successful previous two-film franchise headed by Guillermo del Toro, 2019’s Hellboy seemed a shoo-in for at least the same. With David Harbour then cast in the lead role off the back of his Stranger Things success, a second live-action Hellboy franchise seemed like a safe bet.

That’s why the film features a specific sequel tease in its final moments. The tease includes Hellboy finding Abe Sapien’s tank, Hellboy being consoled by the ghost of his hero Lobster Johnson, and Baba Yaga enlisting an unseen entity to help her exact revenge on Hellboy. All three set up potential plot elements of future films, making a sequel seem an absolute certainty.

Though there is technically still time for it to happen, a sequel to 2019’s Hellboy doesn’t seem likely at all due to the film’s poor box office performance and negative reviews. Some believe that this failure may have been due to the unfavorable comparisons to the del Toro films or even active dismissal by fans for the same reason. Whatever the reason, Hellboy was not at all successful, making its sequel tease look overly ambitious and perhaps dooming it to bear no fruit whatsoever.