8. District 9 (2009)

District 9 is one of the most beloved sci-fi films of the ’00s, and for good reason. It has it all: thinly veiled social commentary, gritty and groundbreaking visuals, and an emotional story with a sympathetic protagonist. Most of all, its world is deeply interesting, and there’s a clear narrative path to potential sequels.

District 9 itself teases at least one such sequel, as Wikus is able to help Christopher escape to his homeworld before transforming into an alien himself. This sets up a sequel in two ways, as Wikus’ story still isn’t finished – he’s seen as an alien still harboring feelings for his human wife – but also that Christopher’s exact intentions aren’t revealed. District 9‘s ending does speculate that the most likely outcomes are that Christopher will return to rescue and recover the other aliens, or that he’ll return to Earth with an army to declare war over their mistreatment.

Honestly, either of those potential sequels would be incredibly interesting. The prospect of a war caused by social injustice is an interesting one, and the potential rescue mission would also come with some deeper themes that would match the first film’s not-so-subtle social commentary. However, despite District 9‘s subtle teases, a sequel was never made, leaving its dangling plot threads hanging and the future open to speculation.