3. Green Lantern (2011)

2011 saw DC ambitiously attempt to adapt the iconic hero Green Lantern to the screen in the simply titled Green Lantern. Starring Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, Green Lantern primarily served as an origin story for the hero, and it also went to great pains to set up multiple villains for subsequent installments. It does so at numerous points throughout the film, featuring major Green Lantern enemy Parallax and setting up two major villains via subplots.

Hector Hammond is established as a future villain during the film’s runtime, and Mark Strong’s Sinestro is teased as a villain in a mid-credits scene. The fact that Green Lantern teased enough villains for at least two sequels is perhaps evidence of its ambition. Ambition that, it turns out, was incredibly unfounded.

Green Lantern‘s abysmal critical reception saw plans for a sequel dropped quicker than you could say “steaming pile of CGI“. Moreover, Reynolds quickly distanced himself from the film, making it very clear that he wouldn’t be reprising the role, and all thoughts that a sequel might ever be made were abruptly quashed. Luckily, it doesn’t seem that anyone was overly disappointed, and Green Lantern fans are simply waiting for the character to appear in the DCEU.