6. Chucky Attacks – Child’s Play (1988)

Chucky attacking Catherine Hicks as Karen Barclay in Child's Play 1988

Often listed among the scariest movies of the ’80s, Child’s Play struck terror into the hearts of audiences everywhere by making them afraid of children’s toys. The film’s opening scene sees notorious (fictional) serial killer Charles Lee Ray transfer his soul into an ironically named “Good Guy” doll – the hot ticket item of the season. After unwittingly buying the possessed doll for her little boy, Karen Barclay soon begins to realize that all is not well, and that Chucky’s plan is to transfer his soul into the child’s body.

In an attempt to get Chucky to reveal himself to her, Karen begins to threaten the doll. When she gets no reaction, she lights the fire and holds him up, prompting one of the most unexpectedly hilarious moments from any horror movie in existence. A tirade of profanity spews from Chucky’s mouth, and the juxtaposition of the innocent-looking doll and the truly foul language coming from his little plastic mouth makes for a deeply bizarre and funny moment, but the entire scene is inadvertently hilarious.

After cursing Karen out, Chucky (an evil man with the body of a doll, it’s important to remember) begins to physically fight her. For some strange reason, Karen appears to have trouble overpowering the doll (who has no muscles and weighs as much as plastic and circuitry possibly can), leading him to maneuver himself to bite her neck. Karen then hurls Chucky across the room in terror, and he scuttles away in the final hilarious stinger of a deeply funny scene.

Warning: As mentioned above, Chucky swears like a sailor – those with delicate sensibilities, cover your ears.