4. Bike Crash – The Cabin In The Woods (2011)

Chris Hemsworth as Curt riding a motorcycle in The Cabin in the Woods 2011

2011’s The Cabin in the Woods is an incredible piece of horror satire that also manages to be an exceptional horror movie in its own right. Taking the standard slasher movie set-up and introducing a meta twist, The Cabin in the Woods sees a group of teens unwittingly volunteer to be part of a ritual that will see them sacrificed to the Ancient Ones, powerful sleeping entities that threaten to consume the world if ritual isn’t completed. Featuring a pre-Thor Chris Hemsworth, The Cabin in the Woods successfully reinvented the very genre it was spoofing.

As the teens are picked off one by one, the survivors look to Curt (Hemsworth) for guidance. With the only safe escape route blocked, Curt’s plan is to leap over a gorge on a motorbike and then return with help. He delivers a rousing speech to inspire hope in his terrified friends, revs his bike, and sets off like the ultimate badass.

Curt’s heroic moment is short-lived, though, because mid-jump, he unceremoniously collides with an invisible forcefield, obliterating both him and his bike. Curt’s mangled frame then tumbles endlessly into the gorge, and the speed with which hope is ripped away from The Cabin in the Woods‘ other characters is a large part of what makes the moment so hilarious. Of course, the satire element of the movie makes the hilarity of the moment seem slightly more intended, but it’s so unexpected that the laugh it prompts is rooted as much in shock as it is amusement.