5. Shark Attack Monologue – Deep Blue Sea (1999)

Samuel L Jackson in Deep Blue Sea 1999

1999’s Deep Blue Sea is hardly a beloved horror movie. Fueled by the idea that Alzheimer’s research could somehow make sharks super intelligent and aggressive and bloated with dated CGI, it’s not exactly a film that has endured the past two decades well. However, though it may not be good in any sense of the word, it certainly is memorable.

It’s memorable not for its horror but for its most abrupt and unintentionally hilarious scene. Trapped in an underwater facility, corporate executive Russell Franklin takes charge of the situation, delivering a rousing speech to uplift the scientists being menaced by the sharks. At least, that’s Franklin’s intention: he’s only a short way into his monologue when a shark leaps up from out of nowhere (well, from the water, but still) and uses Franklin as a chew toy.

It’s an odd moment, because it comes barely halfway into the movie, and it unceremoniously kills off Deep Blue Sea‘s biggest star. It’s perhaps made even funnier by the story behind the death: Franklin was initially supposed to deliver 7 pages worth of monologue, and Samuel L. Jackson refused to read it, requesting that his character was just killed instead. Deep Blue Sea obliged, and thus one of the most unexpected and unintentionally comical horror movie moments was born.