7. Nanny McPhee And The Big Bang (2010)

Awful movie taglines - Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang (2010)

Tagline: “Who’s your nanny?”

The Nanny McPhee movies are, for all intents and purposes, Mary Poppins knock-offs. Set in Victorian England, they follow a family of seven children who are cared for by a magical nanny. Seems familiar, doesn’t it?

Well, the sequel, Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang, also happened to make use of a ridiculously stupid tagline. “Who’s your nanny?” is obviously a reworking of the well-known “who’s your daddy?” but it really doesn’t work in this context. The saying is often used to denote some form of dominance, which is contrary to the overall message of the Nanny McPhee movies.

Considering that the “joke” – if you can call it that – will go clear over the heads of the film’s younger audience, it makes no sense whatsoever. It’s not as funny, clever, or playful as the studio clearly thought it was, and hardly sells the film at all. A swing and a miss for Nanny McPhee 2… who could have seen that coming?