1. Cool As Ice (1991)

Vanilla Ice and Kirstin Minter in Cool as Ice (1991)

Tagline: “When a girl has a heart of stone, there’s only one way to melt it. Just add ice.”

Cool as Ice stars none other than Vanilla Ice, who is inexplicably referenced in both the movie’s title and tagline. It’s a romantic musical comedy in which Ice plays a totally radical biker dude named Johnny Van Owen who falls in love with a small town honor student. It’s every bit as lame as it sounds.

Just in case the title and tagline didn’t give it away, it was developed with the specific purpose of starting Vanilla Ice’s acting career. The problem is that Vanilla Ice can’t act, but that’s not actually what makes this one of the most awful movie taglines of all time.

For starters, the “girl” it refers to is Kathy, who doesn’t seem to have a heart of stone at all. More importantly, melting stone seems like a particularly weird choice, and adding ice in order to melt something isn’t generally advisable. This tagline isn’t just factually inaccurate, it’s an affront to basic science. Then again, it’s for a film starring Vanilla Ice, so what did you expect?

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