6. Wing Amputation – Maleficent (2014)

Just because Maleficent isn’t aimed at young children, doesn’t mean it isn’t capable of deeply disturbing its audience.

The movie opens with a young fairy named Maleficent befriending and falling in love with a young human boy. It’s all very sweet – for about two minutes, that is.

Even after giving her something he calls “true love’s kiss”, the boy, now a young man, decides to betray Maleficent in order to become king. That’s upsetting enough, but the manner of his betrayal? That’s a different beast.

He drugs her, then severs her wings while she’s unconscious and takes them back to the human world in order to win the crown. Horrifying implications and transparent metaphors aside, the worst part is Maleficent’s anguished screams as she wakes and realizes what has been done to her.

With that as the basis for the entire story, Maleficent is a pretty dark tale, and not one that you’d necessarily want to watch with the whole family.