4. In the Dark of the Night – Anastasia (1997)

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Anastasia‘s Rasputin is one of the most menacing figures in animated movie history, and this movie’s (loose) basis in history only makes this particular moment all the more disturbing.

After spending a decade in limbo, Rasputin is suddenly reunited with his fruit bat minion Bartok, who delivers a magic reliquary that enables him to bring himself back to life. The decomposing, undead Rasputin sings a lovely little song about murdering young Anastasia, all while parts of his body drop off and he summons various demonic and insectoid minions to further his child-killing cause.

The scene is pretty scary for young children, but its all the more disturbing for the fact that it comes seemingly out of nowhere. Whether down to the visuals, the subtext, or the villain’s blatant intention to murder a child, it’s a bit much for a film that was aimed at children.