Since the superhero genre became one of the most dominant forces in modern cinema, it’s also become considered one of the most oversaturated. With both of the major players in the world of comics attempting to establish large shared cinematic universes features their respective stables of characters, it’s fair to say that there’s a huge number of on-screen heroes. Even so, there are still many comic book heroes who deserve to be given their own movie who are yet to get the full Hollywood treatment.

Though some consider superhero movies to be doomed, there’s still a lot of potential for the genre’s future. There are plenty of heroes – both well-known and obscure – who would make refreshing or intriguing inclusions to the ever-growing list of movie superheroes. Whether because of their potential as part of a larger universe or simply because their stories are innovative and exciting, here are 10 comic book heroes who deserve to get their own movies.

10. Green Arrow

Comic Book Heroes Who Deserve Their Own Movie - Green Arrow in DC Comics

When it comes to the characters on this list, Green Arrow has perhaps received the most on-screen attention. He played a key role in multiple seasons of Smallville, and headed up his own show (which was popular enough to spawn an entire DC-based TV universe). Still, he’s never appeared in his own live-action movie, hence his inclusion here.

In many respects, Green Arrow’s story is similar to Batman’s. He’s a rich guy who uses his wealth and privilege to fight crime. The archery gimmick adds a Robin Hood twist to his stories, making him one of DC’s best heroes without any actual powers.

The reasons a Green Arrow solo movie would work are simple. He’s already a popular superhero, and his stories come with potential for either gritty realism (à la The Batman) or self-deprecating humor (as in The Suicide Squad). He can also work either alone or as part of a larger shared universe, making a Green Arrow movie a no-brainer.